As much as I regret not being well-prepared enough to handle the crisis on 4th Jan, it is all in the past and we must all learn to pick ourselves up from the ground, and move on!

This incident also affected many of Edward’s clients, and most people had their accounts completely wiped out. Over the last few weeks, Edward has revised his recommended settings for the robot, including reducing the starting lot size from 0.10 to 0.05 for $10k accounts, and increasing the CCI period from 60 to 120. This in turn reduces our risk and monthly profit to about 5% instead of the 10% we were previously looking at.

On top of that, he also conducted compulsory basic technical training for all existing and new customers, giving us some basic technical knowledge to operate the robot as well as teaching us some crisis management skills.

I decided to pump in another round of funding to reduce the time needed to make back my loss from 4th Jan. Granted, this is still highly risky stuff, and I have one advice for those of you thinking of buying an automated forex trading robot; make sure you’re only using money you can afford to lose! 

In fact, you can check out some of my trades here:

Feel free to leave your comments and let me know what you think about automated forex trading! Do you think the risk is worth it? What makes a robot better than another?