I’m excited to share the newest version of the Leo Automated Trading Forex Robot, Version 3.03E. In previous versions of the EA, the biggest problem was that it never took into account market trends. This poses a large risk during strong market trends, as the Robot would constantly try to place positions in the opposite direction from the market.

However, a great deal has changed in version 3 of the EA. Here are a few of the most important changes:

  1. Utilizing larger range of Commodity Channel Index (CCI): 200 to -200
  2. Smaller take profit level: 15 pips instead of 35 pips
  3. Placing more positions but for small profits
  4. Taking into account CCI overbought/sold trends. Placing of new positions are no longer limited to only when crossing the CCI boundary levels.

Leo EA v3.03 - smaller profits

As you can see from the image above, the pink arrows point to positions placed based on oversold conditions exhibited by the CCI. By combining this technique with a lower take profit level, the Leo Forex Robot is now able to predict short term market direction, and accurately place profitable positions!

So, what does this mean in dollars and cents? How does it fare compared to the previous version?

For your reference, I did a backtest using the different robots over the same time period of February 2013, and you can see a clear difference in their performances. See for yourself!

Leo EA v2.07 Strategy Tester ReportLeo EA v3.03 Strategy Tester Report

The first Strategy Tester Report is for the old version 2.07, followed by the new version 3.03. Both reports cover the same time frame of February 2013.

For comparison’s sake, I built a table just for you.

Leo EA v2.07 v3.03
Net Profit $431.81 $658.27
Profit Factor 1.39 1.8
Maximal Drawdown 16.19% 13.01%

From this comparison, it is clear that the New Leo EA is able to generate Higher Profits with Lower Risks! Although it is not clearly shown in the comparison, the new Robot has a shorter Drawdown Recovery and holding time for each position, which in turn also contributes to a lower overall risk of using the Robot.

In case I haven’t made my point clear enough, I’d like to end off this post with a screenshot of my Balance-Equity chart. This is taken from an account that started trading on the 20th of March 2013 and shows the performance for a period of slightly over a month.

For the live results updated every minute, click here: http://www.mt4i.com/users/leo0008.

Equity_balance_chart Leo EA

And here’s another one which started trading since the beginning of January 2013.

Leo EA Closed_profit_curve

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