The dollar plummeted against most major currencies on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve said it was making no changes to its USD85 billion monthly bond-buying program.

GBPUSD today is close to an 8-month high, after soaring more than 1.5% over the last 10 days. This poses a problem for Forex Software Traders, who depend on the small market fluctations in stable currencies for profits. Especially for Robots that use the Martingale (doubling) system, these uncertain times could spell disaster.

My personal view is that danger is looming; diversify your portfolio into safer investments, and possibly into Gold/Silver, Bitcoin, or Chinese Yuan (RMB). My best advise is to do your own research into these opportunities and examine if they fit your overall Investment Strategy, based on your Risk Preference.

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My current settings of 0.08 intial lots for each US$20,000 account generate about 6% a month.

However, in light of the Economic Instability due to recent World Events, I will be further reducing the risk settings on my Leo Automated Forex Trading Robots. I have since today, reduced it to 0.05 and hope to generate about 3-4% returns a month.

As tension continues to escalate in the Middle East, I may consider turning off my Robot completely. Let’s all pray for the best.

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