Would YOU like to be part of the 3 ATM business model?
Would YOU like to let your fortune grow FOR you? 
Or as Edward likes to say, “wouldn’t you like to have 3 sources to ALWAYS-TAKE-MONEY from?”

Best of all, there is NO NEED for any prior Forex knowledge to start off with!

Don’t believe me? Come and see for yourself!

Are you located outside of Singapore? Please drop me an email at alvinlee133@gmail.com and we’ll figure something out!

So you might be asking, what is this “3 ATM” I have been blabbering about? It was a term coined by Edward Khoo, founder of LS Capital Singapore and the Leo EA, when referring to the 3 possible sources of income opportunities you can experience with us.

1. Automated Trading + Affiliate Marketing

LS Capital Singapore developed the LEO EA Robot, and Edward wholeheartedly believes in the potential of his product, quoted as saying that his robot may be “5 to 10 years ahead of the industry”. I am in no position to say if that is true or not. On the other hand, I have done my own research on Martingale Forex Robots, but I have never came close to finding one as efficient as the Leo EA. The latest version of the LEO EA version 3.8 (new version coming in December/Janurary) is currently able to yield monthly returns of about 5% with maximum drawdown of less than 10%! Compared to the other robots on the industry with average drawdowns of 20-40%, I’d say the LEO EA is in much better shape than most competitors out there. If you do find something better, please tell me about it! I would wanna get my hands on it too! 😉

And of course, by joining LS Capital, you’ll be one of our Affiliate Partners too! This means you will be entitled to a 20% commission fee for every client referral. And there is a special rule; your first client referral will belong to your referrer. In other words, you only get commission for your second introduction onwards. You may be asking, “Isn’t that bad for me?” Well no! This is because, for everyone you bring on board, THEIR first introduction goes to you! Don’t you remember the saying, “give and thou shall receive”?

And if that doesn’t wet your appetite, here’s just some more fun facts about the LEO EA:

  • We only trade one currency pair; GBP/USD. Do you believe that a Martingale strategy can work with 6 different currency pairs, when different pairs have different ranges and characteristics?
  • The LEO EA turned a profit of 2%/month during the ’08 financial crisis. Want proof? Email me at alvinlee133@gmail.com!
  • NO prior Forex experience required. The LEO EA does all the trading for you. However, keep in mind that it is you who has control over your own trading accounts, and you can choose to turn the robot off, or tweak the settings if you so wish to. On the other hand, I believe that embarking on a new learning journey with Forex trading will definitely be beneficial for your automated trading experience.

Also, here are some LIVE trade results running on the Leo Robot Automated Software. See them for yourself!

LEO EA Live Account 1: http://www.mt4i.com/users/leo0003 (157 days trading; 33.1% profit)

LEO EA Live Account 2: http://www.mt4i.com/users/leo0004 (56 days trading; 7.4% profit)

LEO EA Live Account 3: http://www.mt4i.com/users/leo0008 (260 days trading; 45.3% profit)

2. Commission Structure from Trading Platform (Starfishfx.com)

The StarfishFX commission structure has up to 9 levels; and pay outs between 0.1-0.3 pips/lot of trades from the clients you have referred (AND the first client that THEY refer). So essentially, once you have built up your own network of affiliate partners, you will start build a long-term recurring income, on top of your own trading profits!

3. Profit Sharing by LS Capital

In 2014, LS Capital will set aside a quantum of its profits to be deposited into a Live Forex Trading Account, and using our own in-house EAs for trading. These trading profits will then be shared with affiliate partners on one condition; that you refer at least 2 clients to join you on this amazing journey. Simple as that.

4. Affiliate Partner Perks

On top of that, as a trading member, you will also get to enjoy the perks, such as free trading advice, new software versions and free upgrades, overseas expansion opportunities, and regular meetups & update sessions with both Edward Khoo and a StarfishFX representative. Below is an extract from LS Capital website’s regular updates.

Do you have relatives and friends outside of Singapore? This could be a great opportunity for you to leverage on those existing networks of yours, and share the benefits of the Leo EA. You get a 20% commission from each recommendation, and the price of the EA is set to increase again in December 2013. So get on board now, and start generating passive income with no effort at all!

If you live outside of Singapore, drop me an email at alvinlee133@gmail.com and I’ll see how we can work something out!

Regular meetups & update sessions

030. 06/11/2013 Starfish Upcoming Event on 10/11/2013 2.30-6pm
One of the most meaningful events to be presented by starfishfx will be held on 10 Nov. 2013 (Sunday) with two great speakers Mr Alan Lok & Mr Chiu Wei Li on “TO TRADE WITH CONFIDENCE – How to evaluate, predict and conquer the markets”… Check out more details at http://starfishfx.com/en/singapore-seminar-november-2013/. Free gift like corporate pen, 2G Thumb Drive, info notes, and USD50 trading bonus credit for all members who attend, also for people who bring friends to open accounts with starfishfx during the event. Don’t miss! Enroll with LS Capital by sms to 8422.9599/8223.2669 or email tocs@starfishfx.com (stating that you are from LS Capital Group) immediately. Seats are limited – first come first server!

Incentives and Overseas expansion Opportunities

023. 27/09/2013 – China Shenzhen Incentive Trip

As announced in Sep 11 meeting, all those AP who personally recommend 4 EA buyers between 11 Sep to 11 December will be entitled to a 3 days 2 nights free trip to China Shenzhen for visiting starfishfx office and free and easy tour, shopping etc. Last year we have organized one to Guangzhou and 15 members were involved and it was an eye opener for many. So we look forward to your participation this year. The expected departure period is before 25 December 2013.

022. 24/09/2013 – Edward Khoo Bangkok Business Trip
I’ll be going to Bangkok, Thailand for a business trip from Sunday (29/09/2013) to Friday (04/10/2013). Mr. Daniel Ho (91875397) will be helping to do the Monday (30/09/2013) and Friday (04/10/2013) English Business Presentation. The Wednesday Technical training and Tuesday Chinese Business Presentation will be cancelled.

Trading advice from Edward Khoo, account maintenance

025. 27/09/2013 – EA Settings
In view of the very uncertain market, we strongly advise that for those people who use only 5K trading capital to set arTrade to “false”, initial_lot not more than 0.03. Margin_buffer 400 or less. For 10K trading capital, if you want to set arTrade to “true”, use initial_lot at 0.03. If set to “false” can use 0.05 lot.

029. 05/11/2013 Trading advise
Today The Straits Times reported (on page A2) that HSBC and a few more big banks under probe for suspected rigging in the foreign exchange duels. So I advise all AP must not do manual trading yourself to prevent unpredictable forex currency swings. Also, please set arTrade=false and xTrade=true for all classes of capital size. 10k and 5k accounts use initial_lot 0.05 and 0.03 respectively. PipProfit=14 or less, but minimum is 10. For those accounts that I have the vps login details, I had help to set most of the AP accounts’ PipProfit to 14 last week and these accounts have been doing very well now. If you have no time to monitor your vps for connection to broker’s trading server or to check for set up mistakes, please send me your vps login information if you have not done so. 

New versions & FREE upgrades

I am in the process of upgrading the LS Leo Super EA ver 3.8 to ver 3.8.1 to improve on trading results, and expect to release it in December or latest by first week of January 2014. Upgrade is free for all existing members. So stay tune for the good news! 

Follow the latest news on the Leo EA Forex Automated Trading Robot at the Global3atm website here!

Want to be an Affiliate Partner, and let your fortune grow FOR you?

Drop me an email at alvinlee133@gmail.com or sign up for our workshop in Singapore on Eventbrite!


In light of the recent US Government Shutdown on 1st October 2013, and upcoming Debt Ceiling talks, I urge you to be safe! If you are currently trading in the Forex or Equity markets, please be vigilant and keep yourself updated with current news! Nothing is for certain in this economy. I got burnt once, and this is my one lesson to you.

With that said, I will be looking to divest into 3 other products:

  1. Silver & Gold
  2. Chinese Yuan (RMB)
  3. Bitcoins

Read more in my previous post: GBPUSD near 8-month High – Danger looming for Robot traders

Will share my own thoughts and reasons for this decision over the next few posts. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, diversify your portfolio and do your research into what’s going on in the world today.

If you would like to see more updates regarding these other investments of mine, please visit my other blog at alunacrypto.blogspot.com.

StarfishFX Daily Outlook

Thursday, September 19, 2013



The dollar plummeted against most major currencies on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve said it was making no changes to its USD85 billion monthly bond-buying program.

1.      Many investors were expecting the U.S. central bank to trim the amount of bonds it purchases a month at least by USD10 billion.

2.      In U.S. trading on Wednesday, EUR/USD was up 1.07% at 1.3501.

3.      The Federal Reserve on Wednesday left its key benchmark lending target, the fed funds rate, unchanged at 0.25% and kept its USD85 billion monthly asset-purchasing program in place.

4.      The Fed said the economy was showing signs of improvement though it still faced enough headwinds to prompt monetary authorities to hold off on tapering its asset purchases, which weaken the dollar to spur recovery.

5.      The Fed said in a statement that household spending and business fixed investment have improved, while the housing sector has been strengthening as well.

6.      However, mortgage rates have risen, while U.S. fiscal issues are restraining economic growth.

7.      “Taking into account the extent of federal fiscal retrenchment, the Committee sees the improvement in economic activity and labor market conditions since it began its asset purchase program a year ago as consistent with growing underlying strength in the broader economy,” the Fed said.

8.      “However, the Committee decided to await more evidence that progress will be sustained before adjusting the pace of its purchases,” the Fed said, adding it would continue to buy USD40 billion a month in mortgage-backed securities and USD45 billion in longer-term Treasury securities.

9.      “Taken together, these actions should maintain downward pressure on longer-term interest rates, support mortgage markets, and help to make broader financial conditions more accommodative, which in turn should promote a stronger economic recovery and help to ensure that inflation, over time, is at the rate most consistent with the Committee’s dual mandate.”

10.   Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke told a press conference afterwards that he felt past and present rounds of asset purchases have been effective, though he added government inability to tackle debt and deficits, including calls in Congress to shut down the government due to fiscal and policy disputes, concerned monetary authorities.

11.   Market participants largely ignored Commerce Department data revealed that U.S. building permits fell by 3.8% to 918,000 units in August from 954,000 in July. Analysts were expecting building permits to fall by 0.4% to 950,000 units last month.

12.   The Commerce Department added that U.S. housing starts rose 0.9% to 891,000 units last month from a downwardly revised 883,000 units in July, missing expectations for a 3% increase to 917,000 units.

13.   Elsewhere, the greenback was down against the pound, with GBP/USD up 1.25% at 1.6102.

14.   The dollar was down against the yen, with USD/JPY down 0.99% at 98.14, and down against the Swiss franc, with USD/CHF trading down 1.26% at 0.9144.

15.   The dollar was down against its cousins in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, with USD/CAD down 0.78% at 1.0216, AUD/USD up 1.36% at 0.9482 and NZD/USD trading up 1.37% at 0.8351.

16.   The dollar index, which tracks the performance of the greenback versus a basket of six other major currencies, was down 1.12% at 80.39.

Source: Starfishfx.com — Simply sign up for a free Demo account and receive Daily Market Analysis!

The dollar plummeted against most major currencies on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve said it was making no changes to its USD85 billion monthly bond-buying program.

GBPUSD today is close to an 8-month high, after soaring more than 1.5% over the last 10 days. This poses a problem for Forex Software Traders, who depend on the small market fluctations in stable currencies for profits. Especially for Robots that use the Martingale (doubling) system, these uncertain times could spell disaster.

My personal view is that danger is looming; diversify your portfolio into safer investments, and possibly into Gold/Silver, Bitcoin, or Chinese Yuan (RMB). My best advise is to do your own research into these opportunities and examine if they fit your overall Investment Strategy, based on your Risk Preference.

Source: StarfishFX Daily Analysis http://starfishfx.com/en/resource-center/trader-resources/
Source: Forex – GBP/USD holds gains, near 8-month highs http://www.investing.com/news/forex-news/forex—gbp-usd-holds-gains,-near-8-month-highs-252850
Source: Gold Traders Split on Two-Year Anniversary of Peak: Commodities http://sgx-news.blogspot.in/2013/09/gold-traders-split-on-two-year.html
Source: Bitcoin Boom: Is This the New Safe Haven? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdVVECKKSXo

My current settings of 0.08 intial lots for each US$20,000 account generate about 6% a month.

However, in light of the Economic Instability due to recent World Events, I will be further reducing the risk settings on my Leo Automated Forex Trading Robots. I have since today, reduced it to 0.05 and hope to generate about 3-4% returns a month.

As tension continues to escalate in the Middle East, I may consider turning off my Robot completely. Let’s all pray for the best.

Source: Youtube – When Will The Economy Collapse? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tsUZinrCo8
Source: Youtube – World War 3 Has Already Begun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZK5gRLJ9h0

After some 9 months of using the Leo EA since Nov 2012, I’m very delighted to share that I have finally got myself out of the Red and in the Black!

Ever since I began my Forex Trading journey with the Leo Automated Trading Software, I must admit that it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Barely 2 months into trading in January 2013, I lost about 60% of my capital because of Overtrading.

Since then, a few things have changed that have helped me in my Forex Trading journey.

With the newest version of the Leo Forex Robot, my profits have increased and my risks lowered by at least two fold. The Robot is able to achieve about 5-10% monthly returns, with a drawdown of only 10% (about HALF of the industry average!).  This newest version of the Leo Forex Trading Software has been pivotal to my quick recovery, which otherwise would have taken at least 6 more months!

I am sincerely grateful to Edward Khoo, the brains behind the Leo Forex Automated Trading Software, for his efforts to constantly improve the trading software, and of course for this wonderful opportunity! Thank you!


Click here to sign up for our FREE Leo EA Introduction Workshop and learn how to trade Forex with NO EFFORT at all!

Now it’s time for some action; let’s take a look at some trades! 

For all three backtest reports, an initial deposit of $10,000 is used.

In this first Strategy Tester Report, we ran the backtest during a Medium Risk market condition, and tested the Leo Forex Robot to the maximum limit. Instead of the recommended 0.05 initial lot settings, we used 0.4. See the results for yourself below!

Super Leo EA v308 Strategy Tester Report - STRESS TEST

Super Leo EA v3.08 Strategy Tester Report – STRESS TEST

With just a $10,000 deposit, the Forex Automated Software yielded a whopping $16,800 in just 2 months!

Initial lot size 0.4
Profit per month 84%
Win trades 77.71%

DISCLAIMER: The above HIGH RISK settings were used purely for TESTING purposes, and should NOT be used for your personal trading! The recommended initial lot size for a US$10,000 account is 0.05.


Click here to sign up for our FREE Leo EA Introduction Workshop and SEE it for YOURSELF!

In this second Strategy Tester Report, we’ll be running the Leo EA through a period of High Risk market conditions; the 2008 Financial Crisis. During the worst month of this crisis, GBPUSD slid about 2000pips, the largest swing in its history. We used a conservative setting of 0.02 initial lots.

Super Leo EA v308 Strategy Tester Report - Financial Crisis

Super Leo EA v3.08 Strategy Tester Report – Financial Crisis

Ignoring the huge jump at the end of the period, these settings gave us about $3,000 returns over a period of 17 months, giving us an annual return of about 22%! The Leo EA makes money for you even during times of major crisis!

Initial lot size 0.02
Profit per month 1.8% (5.47%)
Win trades 77.88%


In the third and last Strategy Tester Report I will be sharing with you today, we’ll be running the Leo Robot through a period of Medium/Low risk market conditions and using recommended settings of initial lot size 0.05 for $10,000.

Super Leo EA v308 Strategy Tester Report

Super Leo EA v3.08 Strategy Tester Report

As you can see for yourself, the Leo Forex Trading Software managed to give us a Net Profit of $2,584.58 over a short period of 2 months. That’s an average of 12.92% per month, at only a 15.23% drawdown!

Initial lot size 0.05
Profit per month 12.92%
Win trades 68.9%

Click here to sign up for our FREE Leo EA Introduction Workshop and GROW your FORTUNE today!

With that, I’d like to end off this post with…

Oh yeah, I'm IN THE BLACK!

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